Vacancies in the Juvenilia board, starting January 2020



Vice-president of Internal Affairs

Event Coordinator


As our current president is stepping down at the end of her mandate in January 2020, we are looking for a highly motivated Juvenilian to take over her position. We are also looking for a second vice-president who will take care of the internal affairs of the association.


Being part of the Juvenilia board allows you to gain experience in an international environment. You manage a team of young people from different countries and will be in touch with many opera houses and European institutions. You will gain experience in event organisation, cultural diplomacy and international administration. You will travel a lot, make many new friends from all across Europe and see many performances.


As a Juvenilia board member, you are expected to attend as many as possible Juvenilia events (averagely taking place once a month), represent the association in meetings with theatres and cultural institutions. 

The Juvenilia board works on a voluntary basis, and all travels and events are covered by the board members themselves. There is a small refund available (€100 per attended event, twice per year max), but not enough to cover all the costs. However, this could be made possible in the future by finding sponsorships.


The board meets once-twice a month on Skype, and stays connected on a daily basis via Whatsapp and Facebook. The workload can differ from 5-15 hours per week, depending on ongoing projects and on the ambitiousness of the board. The current board members have proven that it is very well possible to combine Juvenilia work with full time studies or a full time job.

All board members are appointed for a term of two years. The election takes place during the general assembly. Board members may opt to step down before the end of the term.


For more information on Juvenilia’s objectives, please visit


1. The President represents Juvenilia formally and has the following tasks and responsibilities:

• Coordinates the Juvenilia board and its meetings;

• Prepares the General Assembly (twice a year)

• Coordinates outward communication with new clubs and interested organisations;

• Coordinates the season event calendar;

• Is responsible for staying with member clubs and their activities;

• Helps with event coordination.


2. The Vice-President of internal affairs tasks and responsibilities include:

• Is responsible for staying in close touch with Juvenilia member clubs and their activities;

• Informs the members about all relevant news of the network/association

• Helps preparing general assemblies

• Is responsible for all institutional affairs of keeping the association

• Takes notes of every board meeting;

• Is responsible for answering incoming and drafting outcoming mail

• Controls the social media pages;

• Is responsible for promotion of the events among clubs and individual members;

• Helps with event coordination


3. Event coordinator

International opera weekends are the core of Juvenilia’s activities. Juvenilia (co-)organises between 6 and 12 of suchs events per year. The board is closely involved in managing these events. The event coordinator:

• Closely collaborates with the youth club or partner theatre that hosts the event,

• Sets up a programme the event;

• Negotiates group discounts;

• Arranges reservations of opera tickets;

• Creates promotional materials;

• Coordinates registration of participants and payments;

• Coordinates the group during the weekend itself.


  • Age: between 18 and 34 years old

  • Very much involved in Juvenilia (having attended several events and having helped with events or association issues)

  • Previous experiences in event management and as a board member are important

  • Fluent in English (the language we use in the board), more than two languages are an advantage

  • Possessing a smart phone and having a PC at your disposition

  • Being a team player - 

  • Being available in the evenings for board meetings and in the weekends to travel

  • Being able to travel in Europe at least four times a year

  • Most importantly: being passionate about opera, ballet and classical music!

Election procedure

At the General Assembly of January 2020, each member club of Juvenilia has the right to vote for one of the candidates. The candidate with the most votes will be the elected board member. 



If you would like to put yourself forward as a candidate, please write a motivation letter of 300 words max., and prepare a Juvenilia CV (describing your experiences with Juvenilia or your local youth club so far, plus any other relevant experiences).

Please send your application via email to 

Application deadline: January 10th, 2020

Registration to the Juvenilia event in Genoa (it’s highly recommended to attend the General Assembly at which you wish to be elected. Skyping in is also possible but we cannot guarantee this will have the same impact as your physical presence.) 

Your candidature will be sent to the member clubs and participants of the Juvenilia weekend in Genoa.


If you have any questions, we will be pleased to answer them via


General Assembly 2019

Click on the image to go to the General Assembly page

The Board of Juvenilia would like to gather all the representatives from the member clubs at a Geneal Assembly meeting in Milan on June 22nd 2019.

Juvenilia wins the 2018 European Charlemagne Youth Prize, second place



Juvenilia, the European Network of Young Opera Friends, has been awarded the European Charlemagne Youth Prize, second place for ‘increasing and developing a common European spirit through the arts.’ The prize was accepted by vice-president Mirko Gragnato and president Rozemarijn Tiben at the European Charlemagne Youth Prize Ceremony, which took place on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at the city hall of Aachen, Germany.


The European Charlemagne Youth Prize is awarded annually by the European Parliament to young people who have contributed significantly towards the promotion of the European community spirit and the process of European integration. The award is accompanied by a grant to promote further development of the prize-winning initiative. This year, 27 pre-selected initiatives from European Union member states participated. The youth prize commemorates Charlemagne, ruler of the Frankish Empire and founder of what became the Holy Roman Empire, who resided and was buried in Aachen.


According to the jury of the Charlemagne Youth Prize, Juvenilia ‘increases and develops a common European spirit through the arts, specifically through opera. Few other art forms can rival opera in its capacity to express the European spirit. Juvenilia celebrates the rich European cultural heritage, while at the same time commemorating its history.’


Under the aegis of ‘friendship through music’, Juvenilia’s aim is to foster the interest for opera, ballet and classical music among people under 35 and to create a European community of young enthusiasts of the classical performing arts. Furthermore, Juvenilia helps European performing arts venues in building their future audience. As opera, ballet and classical music are rarely part of young people’s cultural environment, Juvenilia takes an active stance in voicing the message that opera, ballet and classical music are not enjoyed exclusively by the affluent classes, but are also cherished by young people from different cultural and professional backgrounds.


Juvenilia organises 8-12 events per year across different European cities. At these events, young Europeans gather to enjoy opera, ballet and classical music performances together, as well as to participate in a program of social and cultural activities.


On a professional level, Juvenilia offers partner theatres and clubs the chance to exchange strategies and approaches on how to build a young audience for opera, ballet and classical music. Juvenilia also fosters the creation of new youth clubs of opera houses and festivals. At the moment, Juvenilia unites 22 member clubs from eight different countries.


In the last year, events took place at Teatro alla Scala, Opéra de Paris, Staatsoper Berlin, Teatro Carlo Felice Genoa, Norwegian Opera & Ballet, Arena di Verona, Komische Oper Berlin, Gran Teatre del Liceu. Upcoming events will take place at the Mantova Chamber Music Festival, Bayreuther Festspiele, Arena di Verona and the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg.


Juvenilia is managed by a board of five volunteers:  president Rozemarijn Tiben (Amsterdam, The Netherlands); vice-president of internal affairs Daniele Capuzzi (Milan, Italy); vice-president of external affairs Mirko Gragnato (Verona, Italy); event coordinator Marie Eve Didier (Lausanne, Switzerland) and event coordinator Francesco Politi (Milan, Italy).


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