Paris Gala ballet 2019

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AROP - Les amis del l'Opéra

Juvenilia Network


 Friday 20th September 2019



The evening will start with the traditional Défilé du Ballet de l'Opéra national de Paris, on a music of Hector Berlioz!

Then, the Paris Opera Ballet will open its new ballet season with a program that will be released later on.


This special evening will start at 19h30 and the performance will last for 1h40 with one cocktail intermission during which you will be invited to enjoy some delicatessies and bubbly drinks.


After the performance, we will be directed towards the Foyer for an exquisite dinner followed by an after party at the opera.


The dress code of the evening is Black Tie & Evening Gown


The complete evening: 230 €

It comprises the ticket for the performance in category n. 5, cocktail at the intermission, dinner in the Foyer of the Opera Garnier and the (un)-traditional After party until the end of the night!